Title Authors
A Domain Specific Language for Business Transaction Processing Neeraj K R

Janardhanan S

Anu Bonia Francis

Reena Murali
Implementation of a Self-Adaptive Real Time Recommendation System using Spark Machine Learning Libraries Bobin K Sunny

Janardhanan S

Anu Bonia Francis

Reena Murali
A linear time Pre-processing for Optimization of Shortest Path and Distance Algorithms Neeta Eapen

Ajeena Beegom A S
Application of Game Theory in Path Planning of Multiple Robots Jasna B

Supriya P

Padmanabhan Nambiar
Robust Backstepping Control of 3-DOF Helicopter for Enhanced Tracking Navya Sathiarajan

Jeevamma Jacob
Reduced Feature Based Sentiment Analysis on Movie Reviews Using Key Terms Sruthi S

Reshma Sheik

Ansamma John
Cyclic Pursuit Of Mobile Robots: A Linear Approach U P Abhijith

Susy Thomas
Highlight Generation of Cricket Match Using Deep Learning Midhu K

Anantha Padmanabhan N K
Device-to-Device Network Performance at 28 GHz and 60 GHz using Device Association Vector Algorithm Sreedevi A G

T Rama Rao
Cost aware service broker algorithm for load balancing geo-distrubuted data centers in cloud Ashwin Kumar Kulkarni

Annappa B
A study of dealing serially correlated data in GED techniques Jeyanthi Ramasamy

Nivedita Hiremath
New Abnormal Intrusion Detection System Model using Hybrid Fuzzy Clustering algorithm Van Pham
Multi-document Abstractive Summarization based on Predicate Argument Structure Alshaina S

Ansamma John

Aneesh Nath
Secure Quick Response Code with Improved Storage Capacity Sreelakshmi R

Shameem A
An Improved FDM Algorithm for Secure Mining of Association Rules in Horizontally Distributed Databases Jipsy Jose

Mohammed Siyad B
Web Service Recommendation Results via Clustering Service Usage History Jaseela Beevi S

Rahulnath H A
A Stochastic Convergence Analysis of Random Number Generators as applied to Error Propagation using Monte Carlo method and Unscented Transformation Technique Sangeetha Prasanna Ram
Context Based Sentiment Analysis Using Hybrid Lexicon Annet John

Reshma Sheik
Design of Adaptive Backstepping Controller with GSA for Post-capture Attitude Control of Space Robot-Target Combination Akhil J

Jisha Sajikumar

Geetha S
Separating the Good from the Bad in Rating Systems: A Framework and Numerical Evidence Smita Solanki

Ankur A Kulkarni