Title Authors
Design and Analysis of Substrate Integrated Waveguide using Frequency Selective Surfaces for V-band Application Krushna Kanth Varikuntla

S Raghavan
Spectrum and Splitter Utilization Efficient Traffic Grooming Routing and Spectrum Assignment in Elastic Optical Networks Panchali Datta Choudhury

Neha Agarwal

Tanmay De
Recent Tools and Defense Mechanisms for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks G Nazia Sulthana
Backstepping based Formation Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using Rigid Graph Theory Revathy B R

Jisha Sajikumar
WiFi Enabled Home Security Surveillance System using Raspberry Pi and IoT Module Sruthy S

Sudhish N George
A Prototype System of a Personal Speed Limit Alert on a Smartphone Hideaki Ito
Attitude Control of a Micro-Satellite Using Power Rate Reaching Law Durga S

Arjun Narayanan

Lal Priya P S
Synthesis Of Sliding And Integral Sliding Mode Controllers For The VSC-HVDC Transmission Link A Archana
Design And Implementation of Multipath TCP Praveen E Mathew
Enhancing the Channel Coding of Clipped OFDM Signal Using Soft Decoding and Cryptography Mohamed El Ganiny

Hussein Elattar
Stable Threshold Sensitive Energy Efficient Distributed Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Priya Papechen

Binu Mathew
Adaptive MCFS in Hybrid Schemes for 5G Applications Ahmed Ashour

Hussein Elattar

Mohamed Abou El-Dahab
Distributed Cooperative Spectrum Sensing With Multiple Coalitions and Non-ideal Reporting Channel Aswani Ashokan
Joint MAC Layer Relaying and Price Based Resource Allocation in Multihop Wireless Networks Shamna Hamsa Rahim

Amith Gopi

Abby Joby

Lillykutty Jacob
Integrated Bandpass-Filter with Planar UWB Antenna for Wireless Communications Susila M

T Rama Rao

Pushpalatha M
Tilted Beam Microstrip Array Antenna Sreegiri S S

Sreekumari Amma P
Design and Implementation of an IoT Based Secure Biometric Authentication System Annies Joshy

Jalaja M Janardanan Kartha
A Survey on Congestion Control Protocols in MANET Nimmy Jose

Shameem A

Manu J Pillai

Ashok Babu
Multipath Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Network: A Survey Arathi S

Manu J Pillai

Vijayakumar R
High Accuracy Sensor Fault Detection for Energy Management Applications Vinay Joshi

Onkar Desai

Anupama Kowli