Title Authors
A Novel Low Cost LED driver with Wireless ON,OFF and Dimming Controls Sreeram K
Space Vector based Direct Torque Control for Five-level Inverter fed Open-end winding Induction Motor Drive to suppress Harmonic Spikes Vinod B R

G Shiny

M R Baiju
Performance Of Indirect Matrix Converter With Improved Control Feeding Doubly Fed Induction Machine Lavanya NAthira PO Chandra Sekhar

M Ramamoorty
Massive MIMO for Combating Hardware Impairment in Spatial Fading Correlation Scenario Kapil Thakur
Rotor Speed-Instability Performance of Type-1 WECS Employing Double-Cage Induction Generator Rashmi MN

Output Voltage regulation of controlled rectifiers using Feedback Linearization Geetha N

Parvathy S
Fuzzy-Arduino based Control Strategy for Human Safety in Industrial Robots Chaitanya Gajbhiye

Megha Krishanan

Kumaravel S

Ashok S
Development of Steady State Model for Transformer Internal Faults Sreejith P M

Savier J S
Experimental Evaluation of Fuzzy Controller for Magnetorheological Damper Semi-Active Suspension System Anand Raj

Senthil Kumar S

Mukund Trikande
Implementation Difficulties of Universal R-Dump Converter for Switched Reluctance Motor Vijayaragavan C M

Umamaheswari Baskaran

Kavitha P
Grid Stability Improvement with Self-Activated Self-Synchronized Synchronverter Feba Alias

Sreejaya P
One Cycle Controlled Bridge-less SEPIC Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive Sonu Jayachandran

Pavana Prabhu

Vinatha Urundady
Performance Optimization of HCM Based VLC Systems Nikhila P
Optimized estimation of power spectal density Bisina V
Electric Field Characteristics during a Thunderstorm Sebin Sabu

Srichitra S

Nora Joby

Premlet B
Modelling and Control of Totally Refluxed Reactive Distillation Column Using Discrete Model Prediction Control With Observer Athira P