Title Authors
Islanding Detection of Active Distribution System with Parallel Inverters Pankaj Gupta

RavinderSingh Bhatia

Dinesh Jain
A comparison study on performance of series and parallel connected Tandem Solar Cells Fatima J
Comparitive Study on Wind Forecasting Models for Day Ahead Power Markets Bharath Kumar T

Chandra sekhar Obbu

M Ramamoorty

S Koteswara rao

Venkata Bhaskar Rao D
Performance Analysis of Three-Phase H-Bridge Inverter with SVPWM fed Sensorless PMBLDC Drive System using Fuzzy Logic Controller Jino Joy
Comparative Analysis of PI and Fuzzy Control for a Dual Input DC/DC Converter in Hybrid Energy Application Tapan Vanker

Gangavarapu Guru kumar

Sivaprasad A

Kumaravel S
Precise Wavelet Selection for Condition Monitoring of Inverter-Fed Induction Machine Akhil Vinayak B
Modelling of a Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant for Power System Studies Girisha Navada H

Santosh Singh

Analysis of a Laboratory Scale Three-phase FC-TCR-based Static VAR Compensator Gajanana Abhyankar B


Girisha Navada H
An Effective Method of Power Management in DC Nanogrid for Building Application Sigi C Joseph

Ashok S

Dhanesh P Raghavan
Implementation of Adaptive Hysteresis Current Control Technique for Shunt Active Power Conditioner and Its Comparison with Conventional Hysteresis Current Control Technique Anshul Awasthi

Dhaval Patel
A Unidirectional Soft-switched Isolated Three Level Inverter for Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources Anirban Pal

Kaushik Basu
Design, Performance Evaluation, Fabrication and Testing of a SiC MOSFET Gate Driver Abhishek Kar

Shahjahan Ahmad Syed

G Narayanan

Mainak Sengupta
Peak-to-peak Torque Ripple Reduction and Switching Frequency Variation Control in Hysteresis Controlled VSI-Fed IM Drives Lakshmi R

Mohammed Shafi KP

Joseph Peter

Rijil Ramchand
Solid State Transformer for Wind Power Interfacing Binvy Tom

Ashok S
Software-in-the-loop Based MPPT Enabled Realtime Solar Photovoltaics Simulator in FPGA Platform for Academic Appreciation Santosh Singh

A Transformerless High Efficiency Interleaved Buck Converter with Improved Step-down Conversion Ratio and a Pre-charging Setup through Snubber Circuit Drisya Sasi

A S Haryhar
Experimental Investigation on Reverse Recovery Characteristics of High-Performance High-Frequency Diodes Sidharthan P
Control schemes of stand-alone dual stator winding induction generator for ac/dc hybrid microgrid Manikandan S

Ilango Karuppasamy

Ravikumar Pandi V
Sixth-order step-down converter for low-voltage applications Veerachary M
Control of Charge-pump based interleaved boost converter Veerachary M
Challenges in Achieving High Performance in Boost PFC Converter Harish Sudhakaran Nair

Lakshmi Narasamma
Effect of Parasitics in High Voltage Bipolar Flyback Converter for Lightly Loaded Resistive Loads Kunchala Siva Prasad

Lakshmi Narasamma
Small signal stability analysis of a grid connected type-3 wind energy conversion system Elchuri Prasanthi

A Simple Analog Controller to Reduce Line Current Distortion of Single Phase Boost Rectifier Aniruddha Kamath

Mukti Barai
Performance Analysis of Distance Relay in an AC Grid with VSC-HVDC Connection Snigdha Tale

M Mohan

Panduranga Vittal Koppal
Design of HART Compliant Analog Input Module for Indigenous SCADA System Sindhu Rajan

Joseph Mathew

Sreedhanya L R

Lajitha C S
Identification and Classification of Fault During Power Swing Using Decision Tree Approach Niyas M
Load Side Management of an Automated Residential Building Powered by Renewable Energy Sources Anoop S

Ilango Karuppasamy

Nandagopal Jayadevan Nair Lathika

Manjula Nair
Device Loss Estimation and Heat-Sink Design for SiC based Power Converter Feeding a Switched Reluctance Machine Chetan Suresh Urabinahatti

Shahjahan Ahmad Syed

G Narayanan
Implementation of an Algorithm for Phasor Estimation and System Parameters for an FPGA based PMU Akhila A l
FPGA based hardware implementation of solar PV inverter to act as STATCOM Nithin T

Elizabeth Cheriyan

Bernard Jose
Minimization of Current Ripple and Overshoot in Four Switch Three-Phase Inverter fed BLDC Motor using Tracking Anti-windup PI Controller Dileep Kumar

Ramavatar Gupta

Nitin Gupta
Evaluation of On-state Resistance in Gallium Nitride Based Power Electronic Switches Ashutosh Badal

G Narayanan

R Muralidharan