Title Authors
Performance Comparison of Constant Envelope DCT and FFT Based OFDM Frequency Modulation Rayan Alsisi
Development of Multilingual Phone Recognition System for Indian Languages Manjunath K E

K Sreenivasa Rao

Dinesh Babu Jayagopi
Cardiac QRS Detection & Beat Classification Using Multiresolution Analysis Anu George

Jisha Michael
Text Information Extraction and Analysis for Autonomous Vehicle Balaji Govindaraj

Bharath Kumar M

Sujatha Jagannath
Denoising of EMG Signal based on Wave Atom Transform Ruby Joseph

Geevarghese Titus
A Novel Method for Accuracy Enhancement of Movie Recommendation by Video Streaming Service Providers Bobin K Sunny
Adaptive Fault Reduction of a Wafer Scanning System using Artificial Neural Network Athira K H

Aneesh Raghavan Parameswaran
Signal Classification Using Bayesian Regularization and Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm Munish Suri
Performance Analysis of Low Power Full Adder cells using GDI structure and Hybrid CMOS logic Style Jishana Shaji

Premson Y
Evaluation of LMS and Volterra Adaptive Filters for AEC Vepuri Vani

Naveen M

Saravanan S
Reduced Hardware Architecture of Bilateral Filter for Real Time Image Denoising Chandni S
Active Noise Cancellation for Audio Signals Using Neural Network based Adaptive Filters Harsh Bhate

Natarajan V

Karthik Natarajan

Adhithya Ramamoorthy
Extracting Relation between Brain Region pairs from White Text Pankaj Nayak

Gend Lal Prajapati
A Volterra Filter Based Adaptive Algorithm for Motion Artifact Removal in Photoplethysmography Sharon Mathew

Darsana P
Impersonation Detection in Online Examinations Selvajyothi K

Pooja Mahesh
L0-regularization based Blind image/video motion deblurring Priya K

Vinodkumar V
Recognition of Indian Sign Language Using Hand Gestures and Facial Expressions Vidya V

Reshna S
Spatio-Frequency Local Descriptor for Content Based Image Retrieval Mayuri Sadafale
Reconstruction of Recaptured Image Based on Dual Dictionaries Hridhya J

Shyna A

Aneesh Nath
Automatic Language Identification for Seven Indian Languages using Higher Level Features Chithra Madhu

Anu George

Leena Mary
A Novel Technique to Remove Marked Dynamic Object from Video Based on Re-weighted Low Rank Tensor Completion C Hima

M Baburaj

Sudhish N George
Constrained Least Squares Filter and Wave Atom Transform using Cycle Spinning for Image Restoration Sivan Shruthi

Satheesh Kumar Kottayilkunnel Gopalapillai
Versatile Wavelet Domain Multi-focus Image Fusion Approach Utilizing Analytical Keenness Estimate Silviya Alphanso
Diabetic Retinopathy Detection In Fundus Image Using Cross Sectional Profiles And ANN Smitha M

Nisa K
Identification of Correlation between Blood Relations Using Speech Signal Palli Padmini
Spatiotemporal Saliency and Sub-action Segmentation for Human Action Recognition Abhishek Babu

Shyna A
Performance of Video Quality Assessment Metrics for live video frames using different color models Kummathi Sai Prasad Reddy

Nagabhushan Raju Konduru
Microscope Image Processing for TB diagnosis Using Shape Features and Ellipse Fitting Reshma S R

Rehannara Beegum
Extraction of Subtle Radiographic Image Features of Bone Tumor:A Case Study Kalpana George

Praveen Sankaran

Paul Joseph

Ramachandran K
Bag of Feature Approach for Vehicle Classification in Heterogeneous Traffic Jyothy Das

Martish Shah

Leena Mary
Intent Detection using EMG for Sensory Motor Rehabilitation Chandni Ahuja

Resham Shivwanshi

Jaspal Singh

Balwinder Singh
Performance evaluation of DWT based Speech Enhancement Haripriya R P
Adaptive Frequency Estimation for Pulsation Removal in Airpath Pressure Signal Condition Shikha Tripathi

Greeshma Koothuparambil
Modeling and Simulation of Multi-static Radar extended to Multi-dynamic Radar for Airborne Surveillance System Jawed Qumar

S Christopher

Ratnajit Bhattacharjee
Elastically Distorted Fingerprint Rectification M Anu

Unni C
Tree Based Reconstruction from Sparse Samples of Signals Krishnendhu S P

Aneesh Nath
Embedding Vehicle Driver Face Poses on Manifolds Hari C V

Praveen Sankaran