Data Analytics is an orchestrated fusion of many disciplines of computer science, statistics and business intelligence, for discovering hidden, useful data patterns which could be used for prediction of the probability of future events. Big Data is huge volumes of unstructured data, usually generated by people in various forms like emails, social media, text documents, videos, audio, and images. Apart from the volume and diverse formats, analysis of Big Data is complicated by the rapid velocity of data generation and the failure of traditional methods to verify the data. These problems require fast and intuitive research, to store, process, verify and analyze Big Data to provide useful insights, making it one of the hottest research topics of the decade. The basic aims of this workshop are to introduce to the participants the most recent developments in the field of Big Data and data analytics and to equip the participants with basic skills in using data analytics tools like R programming and Python Programming. There will be hands on sessions in both R Programming and Python Programming.


Dr. S D Madhu Kumar
(Head, Dept. Computer Science and Engineering, NIT, Calicut)

Research Scholars from CSE Department, NIT, Calicut

Mr. Gilesh M.P
Mr. Vishak. R
Mr. Manu Madhavan